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Welcome to Ute Springs
Experiential Learning Center

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empowering individuals
through adventure-based

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What is Ute Springs Experiential Learning Center?

We believe it is imperative that all kids have the chance to experience our natural environment and get outside in beautiful places to use their imagination and recognize the interconnectedness of the people and places around them. Our curriculum is adventure based with Colorado state standards for social-emotional wellness incorporated throughout and applied based on daily activities and goals for each program. This is accomplished on individual and collaborative initiatives.

Summer Camps

These programs develop and foster leadership and team building skills while providing social-emotional tools for ALL kids. We have partnered with Mountain Valley Horse Rescue, located on 40 acres 15 minutes south of Eagle, in a pristine lush valley that enhances the sense of place for the campers during their overnight camp outs! Scholarships are available.

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School Programs

Ute Springs ELC offers schools the opportunity to take journeys into the incredible alpine surroundings of Eagle County or within and around their school property to build on the concepts of community using an adventure-based curriculum. School groups will have the option for after school, in-school, off-site full day or overnight programs. These programs can be based on their school curriculum around social-emotional learning or can simply be based on the idea of adventure.


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Adult retreats will be created for adult learning. Passionate, dedicated scholars and life coaches will be sought to facilitate single or multi-day adventure-based experiences where self-awareness, social-awareness, professional development and/or leadership skills will be the focus. All retreats will be created to suite the requests of those participating.

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USELC welcomes you to our community! We invite you to investigate our summer camp program in which we have partnered with Mountain Valley Horse Rescue, on 40 incredible acres 15 minutes south of the town of Eagle, so children and adults can experience the wild of Colorado among the serenity of the horses. Our partnerships continue with the Eagle County School District during the winter months to provide opportunities for students and teachers to engage in more social/emotional learning within adventure-based programming in a multitude of ways. We seek to enrich and lead all, so our community thrives! JOIN US!


Our Vision:

We serve thousands of children and adults locally and from afar, enhancing their social and emotional wellness, building trusting connections and relationships, developing their self-esteem, and empowering their personal and social leadership through experiential and adventure-based education.

We transform lives.

We especially treasure our special-needs populations, serving them in traditional classrooms through our teacher-training efforts, outdoors in nature and through our state-of-the-art, special facility. We develop these specially gifted individuals through self-awareness, and self-management, relationship-building, and leadership skills.

We transform futures.

Our local communities embrace us dearly as a unique, trusted and valued partner in enriching lives and making the world we touch just a little better place.

We transform communities.

Our donors, board, staff, and committed volunteers feel joy and pride, knowing this work may be our finest endeavors as human beings.

We transform ourselves.